The Offender

Be Warned

The world has become a stark raving mad place.  This blog is aimed at shining a light on the politics, policies, social trends, current events, and other items that contribute to the madness.  Main topics include religion, race, marijuana, and hypocracy.
We are not going to ignore facts or bow to political correctness at the expense of the human race.

Why Should You listen to me

We do not belong (or really like) to any political parties, groups, organizations, or religions.  This office has a library card, but we never give them money.  We believe in free speech and encourage you to excercise that right.  Let's have an open discussion for once.  Nothing off limits.  Do not threaten or tell us to stop, the non-discussion of these topics is one of the reasons that this world is failing. 
This is a new website and we are striving to make it fully functional.  If a link does not work, try it again later!  We apologize for anything that is not working yet.